Dyson school outreach tends to be in the Ag and Extension arena. Below are the items that focus on or come out of the entrepreneurship classes here in Dyson.


Flip the Switch Workshop for educators – Whether or you like it or not, students are texting and using mobile devices in class, even when you prohibit it. Educators are  faced with the inevitable: change or be changed. But at Flip the Switch, we have a more positive message: these mobile technologies can actually help educators be more effective with the teaching practices that they are already using. The FTS presenters will demonstrate how devices can help teachers engage the learner, renewing attention spans and enhancing interactivity for a more effective and inclusive classroom.

Our work supports a regional collaboration that brings together Cornell faculty and graduate students to teach a college-level liberal arts curriculum to a select group of students at Auburn Correctional Facility and Cayuga Correctional Facility. The credits can be applied toward an associates degree with Cayuga Community College.